K. Brosens and F. Truyen: Cornelia, Art History and Quantitative/ Qualitative Methods (Leuven, 8 February)

European Congress of Qualitative Inquiry, University of Leuven (7–10.2.2017)

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Project Cornelia's PI wins the 'Pioneer Award' of the Humanities & Social Sciences Group, University of Leuven

The Pioniersprijs is awarded to a researcher or research group in the Humanities and Social Sciences Group who has initiated and conducted research that is scientifically innovative and opens a...

Project Cornelia hosts a two-day international workshop on 'Art Markets in the Global and Digital Age' supported by the Europeana Foundation (University of Leuven, 11-12 March)

How can we reconcile and link powerful digital platforms so that art market and cultural heritage researchers can move beyond the case study approach to discover and analyze patterns that...

Project Cornelia is awarded a Europeana Research Grant

###### About the 2019 call 2019 marks the fourth call for proposals within the Europeana Research Grants Programme and the first year with a call intended to support events. Embracing...

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